Modest and sophisticated, the trendy style is great for hot days.

Fashion is democratic. Nowadays, it is easy to find clothes and accessories to please any taste: rocker jackets, romantic dresses, sports sneakers… When we talk about women fashion, there are styles for any personality and preference. One of the styles on the rise is natural chic, characterized by minimalist looks, natural fabrics, neutral colors, and other elegant details.

The style got stronger due to concepts borrowed from other areas, such as environmental worries, consumerism and questions about self-esteem and self-acceptance. The outfits, garments and accessories are an answer to these questions, with more sustainable production processes and conscientious use of materials. Learn more about the natural chic style.

Style concept

One of the main goals of the natural chic style is to find balance between trendy and cool looks and environmental wellness. The trend aims to create simple and light outfits, with humble, yet elegant garment combinations — and, of course, do it without forgetting about nature.

It transmits a fashion, cool, unpretentious and elegant image, being mostly adopted by those who like discreet, fresh and rustic looks. Therefore, people who follow the natural chic style always look naturally spruce. Have you ever seen the expression “I woke up like this”? That’s the idea.

The natural chic style is not related to fast fashion or consumerism ideas. Handmade shoes, accessories and garments, such as blouses, dresses and coats, are part of the trend. The explanation for this is precisely the concern with mass production processes, which generate a high amount of garbage, waste a lot of water and pollute different biomes in several countries.

Some celebrities are openly adept to the natural chic trend: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, Rosario Dawson, Gisele Bündchen and Olivia Wilde are strong examples. They are all worried about the environmental cause and see fashion as a way to change the world, choosing well the brands and fabrics, considering which are less aggressive to the planet.

Fabrics, garments and accessories

Most of the clothes in the natural chic style are not only handmade but also made of natural fabrics. Cotton, viscose and linen are the most common to create dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, shorts and blazers. For those who want to bring the style home, the fabrics can also be used to decorate living rooms, gardens and other parts of the house.

Beyond the natural ones, recycled fabrics are also great options for natural chic clothes. Post-industrial or post-consumer materials, like recycled polyester, are also used to make recycled garments. The process is fundamental to reduce the amount of waste caused by the fast fashion industry and that is why it is part of the natural chic style.

Using these fabrics, most of the garments are delicate, neutral, fresh and elegant. To further reinforce this natural and organic idea, the colors used in the style are mostly neutral: white, off-white, beige, brown, earthy tones, and colors that refer to nature, such as green and blue.

Accessories follow the same concept: natural materials, like bamboo fibers, plants, flowers, stones and shells are used to adorn purses and shoes and to compose items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The idea is to make creative, sustainable, and conscious items to turn each outfit more elegant.

To create natural chic outfits, the main point is to choose the right materials, not only on the garments but also on the accessories. A cotton t-shirt with a viscose skirt, combined with a natural and elegant flat sandal, is already a great option. Also, bet on stone earrings and a straw bag to complement the outfit. But, of course, search for information about the brands and verify if their processes are sustainable and if the materials are obtained in a safe way for nature.

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